Roses are One Sweet Way to Say "I Love You!"

Valentine’s Day is coming and many of you are thinking about how to let your special someone know you love them. Flowers are associated with love and the art of romance – an art with a language all its own. Who better to help you decode the visual language of love so you convey the true essence of your meaning and desire than a florist?

Sending flowers that speak directly to your relationship is an important part of any surprise you may have planned. If yours is a fairly new and fragile relationship, you might consider colorful gerber daisies or traditional white, yellow or lavender daisy mums as a promise for the future. If this is your first love, consider lilacs. Tell that special someone you’ll remember them forever with red tulips - an outright declaration of love! Of course, there is also the ever-popular rose, the ultimate symbol in the language of flowers that leaves no doubt as to the passion you feel!

If your Valentine is sensitive to fragrance, commercially grown roses are ideal. African and Ecuadorian roses have extra large blooms on very long stems and make a dramatic statement when delivered in a beautiful vase. Hybrid-tea roses have tight, compact buds and flower slowly; they are also easily found all year, and tend to be a much darker red in the winter. If your Valentine prefers miniatures, consider “sweetheart roses” with intimate, delicate blooms that can be artfully presented in a smaller vase or mixed arrangement.

For those that enjoy the fragrance of roses, the Classic, or “heritage” varieties give off wonderful scents as they bloom. There are also a number of English roses available that will remind your Valentine of your special gift every time they enter the room. Finally, if the object of your affections prefers live roses, consider a small, miniature live, red rose bushes in decorative containers with Valentine accents that are ideally suited for transplanting in the Spring - a lasting reminder of your love.

As always, any variety of rose petal lightly dusted on a bedspread, tabletop, love seat, or the floor presents a delightfully delicious invitation to your special someone. The professionals at your local florist can help you choose just the right flowers to send your Valentine a beautiful message in the special language of romance. Nothing says romance more than planning ahead for this passionate holiday, so don’t wait until the last minute – your Valentine deserves the best!